In special times, we go to work like this...

Since Obara China resumed work on February 10, all employees have actively taken the company's anti-coronavirus measures to overcome difficulties and ensure normal production.

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Resume work tomorrow...

Dear colleagues of Obara, I believe that this plus version of the Spring Festival will have a different taste. Tomorrow (February 10), Nanjing Obara and Shanghai Obara will return to work at the same time, Let us help each other in

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Newly purchased large machining center

The company imported a six table large-scale processing center Mori machine (DMG mori), with a value of nearly 10 million and a processing accuracy of 0.005mm. It can meet the processing requirements of large and high precision parts. For t

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I will meet you under the blooming cherry trees...

(1) Its winter and spring again Another year of waiting and accumulation, Its another vibrant may, O / Shas cherry blossoms are blooming, Cherry blossom on the Red Road, dark fragrance to the face. I hope the epidemic situation will pass qu

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The canteen is restored!

Since the risk of epidemic prevention and control in various regions decreased in May, the canteens of Nanjing and Shanghai companies recovered simultaneously. In order to avoid the risk of the epidemic, the company has been using the mode

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